Why SellCheck

SellCheck’s proven methodology of using behavioral science and marketing expertise to evaluate communication is designed to not only drive sales, but also save you time and resources.

Enhance your customer’s experience while improving ROI and increasing sales.

Get Actionable Insights

You’ll know what part of your communication is working and what can be improved.

Get Results in 48 Hours

If you make a submission on Tuesday, you’ll have the results on Thursday.

Benefits of using SellCheck:


Boost sales.

Use SellCheck to improve creative effectiveness, a key element proven to deliver better sales, and therefore better return on investment.


Save time and money.

Use SellCheck during the design stage for fewer rounds of revisions and a higher likelihood of success. Confidently select between different concepts.


Build consensus.

Use SellCheck for an objective expert opinion to help build consensus internally and/or to brands and retailers. Create a more streamlined creative process and get to market faster.


Have a standardized review process.

Use SellCheck’s results to systemically measure the effectiveness of your company's communication and drive consistent, positive results.


Improve the shopper experience.

Use SellCheck for actionable insights to ensure you are going to market with optimized communication materials. Do not leave any sales untapped.


Know when you’re ready to go to market.

Use SellCheck's scoring system to establish go/no-go criteria for communication. Go to market with confidence.

Don’t chance success.

Try SellCheck