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An Enterprise Solution for Mondelēz International

Mondelēz International has annual net revenues of $26 billion, 80,000 employees, investments of $800MM to positively impact the planet and a portfolio of brands sold across 150 countries including Cadbury, Oreo, Trident and Milka.

The Opportunity

Research showed that Point of Sale execution within retail stores has a direct impact on sales. With this knowledge, Mondelēz developed the “Perfect Store Strategy” which focused on being the best in the world at instore execution.

The Challenge

With marketers located around the globe creating thousands of instore executions, how does Mondelēz manage consistency, share best practices and inspire greatness at retail?

The Solution

Mondelēz created the MyStore platform featuring SellCheck. This online platform allows marketers to be inspired by previous displays scored by SellCheck, review Mondelēz’s design principles and to submit their upcoming creative for SellCheck to score before being released to market.

The Brand Ecosystem:
3 Steps for In Store Excellence

Step 1 – Invest in People and Process

Mondelēz International formed a Center of Excellence team focused on delivering perfect execution of Point of Sale displays across the globe. This team created an online platform and brought in SellCheck as its key partner.

Step 2 – Onboarding and Training

Building a platform and process is not enough, it must be consistently trained with expectations and accountability measures set in place. Mondelēz International and SellCheck conduct ongoing training of Perfect POS with Mondelēz marketers across the globe.

Step 3 – Case Study

Mondelēz International created its own lift analysis showing that SellCheck-approved designs (scoring 31 or higher) will have the highest likelihood of sell through success.

Step 4 – Measure, Measure, Measure

Over the course of 4 years, Mondelēz tracks the SellCheck 4Cs scores across regions and brands. By doing so, they are able to address weaknesses early and have tangible results on the creative effectiveness of each POS display.

Step 5 – Develop a Culture of Support and Success

“Congratulations on your score of 34! You are ready to go to market.” Messages such as this lift the spirits of marketers. Not only has Mondelēz created an evaluation system to ensure elite POS displays, they have simultaneously created a culture of winning and support for its sales & marketers.

Higher SellCheck® Score
Had a Sales Uplift of 15%*

*Source: EyeSee Virtual store research 2019

Marketing Results

When Mondelēz started working with SellCheck, only 33% of its displays met the minimum standard of effective creative. Today, that measurement has flipped and now 66% of all displays are ready to be produced as is.

Business Results

Everyday Executional Excellence was included in Mondelēz 2019 Annual Report as one of the key strategies of growth for the company which included 3% growth in the categories in which Mondelēz operates. Mondelēz also saw a 16% increase in EPS at $2.65.

In Store POS That is
Ready for Market

2016: 33% | 2020: 66%

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