Operations Assistant

Have you ever wondered what goes into making a good marketing ad? Does the idea of working with big brands give you something that feels kinda like butterflies? Do you love getting into the nitty gritty of things and hate dull, painfully slow days?

If you answered, “YES!” to any of the above questions, we like you! And we think you may like us too. We are SellCheck and we’re looking for an Operations Assistant to join our team.

What’s SellCheck, you ask? We’ll tell you! SellCheck is a tool for testing creative effectiveness using a combination of behavioral science and marketing expertise. That’s sciency talk for we make sure marketing ads are designed to do what our clients want them to do: sell products and services. With a panel of experts, we review ads for clients like Proctor & Gamble, EJ Gallo, Johnson & Johnson, Walgreens and 7-Eleven, and provide recommendations to make them be the very best they can be. And we do it fast. Within 48 hours fast.

As an Operations Assistant, a day in the life includes the following:

This job might be for you if you:

Interested? Please let us know! Contact AJ McDonald at or 612-329-4820.