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We work with the world’s leading brands and retailers to pinpoint design issues, improve target reactions, and increase sales.

Mondelēz & SellCheck - An Enterprise Solution

With thousands of in-store executions being deployed globally, Mondelēz and SellCheck partnered to create a solution that would drive consistency across all brands and categories, plus inspire excellence with all Mondelēz team members.

Increased “ready for market as is” creative, and saw 3% growth in Mondelēz categories.

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Improve ROI with Effective Messaging

Brands call on SellCheck to optimize their creative and drive significant sales lifts.

SellCheck increased sales lift by up to 100%.

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Study: Creative Effectiveness

Ads optimized for shoppers outperform those that are not by 30% or more. See how creative effectiveness was proven to be a key element to delivering better sales, and therefore better ROI.

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