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Increases Sales

What We Do

SellCheck is a service that combines science and marketing expertise to evaluate and improve shopper communication to drive incremental sales.

Your submission is assessed
with 3 key components:

SellCheck Venn diagram

The 4C’s

Calibrated evaluation and scoring criteria rooted in shopper psychology and behavior. Successful performance in these four key attributes leads to effective shopper communication:


with the Shopper


the Sale

Panel of Shopper Marketing Experts

Industry leaders, each with over 15 years of experience, creating, selling and activating in retail and brand marketing. They are experts in various categories, shopper segments and channels within the U.S. and international markets.

VAS Neuro-Marketing

VAS (visual attention service) is an eye-tracking software developed by 3M with over 92% accuracy. VAS simulates the pre-attentive phase of human vision. It predicts what is most likely to attract attention within the first 3-5 seconds of viewing. The VAS results aid the panelists in the 4C’s evaluation process.

How does it work?

SellCheck a variety of selling moments.

In Store

Packaging, displays, signage, shelf-talkers, end caps, etc.


Banner ads, mobile ads, email, web pages, landing pages, etc.

In Print

Advertising, free standing inserts, direct mail, flyers, etc.

Out of Store

Outdoor signage, billboards, vehicle wraps, bus/metro stops, kiosks, etc.

SellCheck improves visual communication material before it goes live, significantly improving ROI.

It’s all about the results

Example SellCheck Report

In 48 hours you’ll have an easy to understand report including:


Panelists analyze each image with the corresponding communication objectives using the VAS results and 4C’s criteria.


Panelists work together to provide an accurate, objective score for each of the 4C’s criteria.


Panelists deliver succinct, shopper-focused feedback including recommendations for increasing sales.

Benefits of

We offer quick solutions to boost your
decision-making confidence. All at once, you save
time and resources while increasing sales.


To save valuable time and resources.

Use SellCheck during the design stage for fewer rounds of revisions and a higher likelihood of success. Gain assurance when selecting between different concepts.


To present with absolute confidence in your design.

Use SellCheck at the sell-in stage internally, and/or to brands and retailers. When the initiative needs a critical point of differentiation from competitors.


To have a standardized review process to measure the effectiveness of shopper communication.

Use SellCheck’s results for assurance and risk mitigation.


To improve the shopper experience and boost incremental sales.

Use SellCheck for actionable insights to ensure that you are going to market with optimized communication materials. Do not leave any sales untapped.

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